Megyn Kelly Says Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Is Afraid of Donald Trump

Fox News host Megyn Kelly says one of the “lowest points” of her year was when her 5-year-old daughter asked her what a “bimbo” was. Donald Trump, then still a candidate for president, had reposted a tweet in which Kelly was called a “bimbo” and also published a tweet himself insisting that he would not “call Megyn Kelly a bimbo because that would not be politically correct.”

Trump’s tweeting followed the first Republican presidential primary debate, during which Kelly hit Trump with a tough question about his lewd remarks about women. Kelly said her daughter attended the debate. “That’s when she told me she was afraid of Donald Trump,” Kelly said. “I had never revealed to her any of the things that Trump had done. But she is five, and she hears things in this world.”

This was one of the many challenges Kelly said she faced during the election as Trump came after her “like a dog with a bone.” “It was a test of me as a person and a professional,” Kelly said, noting that Trump caused “security issues in my life and the life of my family.”

But, Kelly said, she made it through and she learned something important about America’s next president along the way. “My own experience with him proves he’s able to let things go if he so chooses,” Kelly said, referencing their conciliatory meeting at Trump Tower after months of feuding. However, she noted, she didn’t apologize at that meeting — “nor did he apologize to me.”

You can catch Kelly talk about how the election affected her daughter below.