CNN Being Sued by Black Employees for Racial Discrimination

CNN has just been slapped with a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit filed by the network’s own black employees accusing CNN of being racist.

From The Daily Caller:

Odd, considering how vigorously CNN leveled those same charges before and after the election. CNN host Van Jones called the election of Trump a “whitelash” against a black president, while a CNN contributor accused Trump of “a lack of tolerance for other people.”
Now, the channel that openly called Trump a “bigot, racist and misogynist” who would “embolden bigotry” faces its own allegations of racial discrimination from black employees.
Former and current black employees filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against CNN, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner, reports the Daily Mail.

The lawsuit was filed by two individuals who allege that black employees were paid less and had fewer opportunities for promotions than white employees at CNN.

The two CNN employees claim that “Dramatic’ differences in pay, harsher evaluations for black males and fewer available promotions are among evidence of the prejudice” in the lawsuit.

Another individual, DeWayne Walker has a $50 million lawsuit against CNN in which is claims the network refused to promote him for 13 years because he is black, instead choosing to promote white employees.

The lawsuit against the liberal network also claims that black employees had to deal with “racial slurs and other prejudices from management.”