Doctor Blows Whistle: Chemtrails Make Us Sick So Medical Firms Can Cash in

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, previously a university medical researcher has been publishing many conspiracy theories on his website for quite some time now. This is actually the very thing that got him ousted by the medical community.

Horowitz believes that the government conspires with our major pharmaceutical companies in order to make large parts of our population sick. He believes they do this using chemtrails. He claims people have been dealing with a mystery flu since the 1990s and that this illness does not follow any logical bacterial or viral infection manners. It should cause a fever, but it does not.

Horowitz also claims that the AIDS ad Ebola epidemic was caused by the United States government as well. Horowitz as you probably assumed strongly endorses natural medicine now. He believes that chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of sorts. They are as he continues low or high grade depending on the exposure and they cause suppression to the immune system. This making the public more vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

He claims to have gotten in contact with the Center for Disease Control and Toxicology and was actually told there was some amount of ethylene dibromide in the jet fuel leaving these chemtrails.

Many different pilots, doctors and such have been speaking up on this issue. These chemtrails are a serious problem and we need to stop them as soon as possible. Don’t let big pharma win, we should not have to fight the government to stay healthy!